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Our focus is on creating delicious organic pure maple products while protecting the sustainability of the maple stand”


Organic Pure Maple Products

  • Organic Pure Maine Maple Syrup
  • Organic Pure Maine Granulated Maple Sugar
  • Organic Pure Maine Maple Cream, Taffy & Candies
  • Retail, Wholesale and Bulk Options

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Who We Are

A Family Adventure!

Gray Jay Mapleworks was built from the ground up–literally–by us–the owners Jereme and Donna Frigon and our two children Carli (13) and Carroll (11).  This is not to say that we did not have any help.  The list of people to thank for the little things and big things is too long for this short paragraph.  We will suffice it to say that we have been blessed by amazing family and friends!

When we began this journey in 2015, we were not able to drive to where the sugarhouse would be built, so began the adventure…!  After working endless hours for two years preparing the site and sugarbush, this past maple season (2017) we tapped our first 4,000 trees (a first for us and for them!) and produced our first crop.  What a sweet experience!


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How Gray Jay Mapleworks came to be…



In our childhood, we (Jereme and Donna) first made maple syrup with our grandfathers (coincidentally both named Carroll!).  We had such fond memories of those experiences that we wanted to make maple syrup with our children.  We were able to get started using the hand-crafted oil barrel evaporator that Jereme’s grandfather built, and we tapped the same trees (20 the first year) that Donna’s grandfather had tapped.  I guess you could see we were “bitten by the bug” that year!





Gray Jay…

In honor of our grandfathers (both were talented woodsmen in their day) and those men who walked and worked the land before us, we chose to name our business after the gray jay.  Growing up we had always been told that the friendly birds frequented the logging camps of old and were thought to be the spirits of departed woodsmen.